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Achieve Rapid Weight LossYou’ve got to face it – when you want to [highlight]lose weight fast[/highlight], it is difficult to find the right diet program that works. This is because most of the programs are fads and are merely hype. The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet is one weight loss program that is as popular, if not more, as fads but is proven by several unsolicited testimonials to [highlight]work best in making you lose weight rapidly[/highlight].

The Scarsdale Diet is geared towards rapid weight loss…

The Scarsdale’s high protein/low carbohydrates dietary regimen [highlight]enables you to shed off extra weight[/highlight] because of its menu plan. It helps you in shedding off weight by raising the amount of protein that you eat while lessening your calorie intake, and more significantly your fat and carbohydrate intake.

Despite its strict regimen, the Scarsdale diet plan has been found to be effective in reducing overall body fat, as well as the risk of heart disease. It is not unusual for a follower of this diet to report losing as much as 20 lbs. in as little as two weeks. Even those individuals who did not strictly follow the meal plan still reported losing, on average, a pound a day.

The second stage in the diet plan, called the Keep Trim Phase, is important in order to make sure that you do not rapidly put the weight back again when you have finished the diet program.

Proven to Work

You know the story…
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  • You start on a diet with promises that sounds too good to be true.
  • The allowed foods are tasteless or you have to drink liquefied meals for weeks.
  • You have to buy and take expensive pills and wonder what the side effects will be.
  • You starve yourself with little regard of nutritional requirements.
  • There’s no follow up or focus on removing bad and unhealthy eating habits.
  • As soon as you finish the diet you immediately start putting the weight back on again!


[box type=”note” size=”large”]These “fad diets” have very little to offer over the medium to long term. The promises sound too good to be true, because they ARE too good to be true! [/box]

Not so with the Scarsdale Diet…

Scarsdale Diet Companion Paperback
The Scarsdale Medical Diet decreases your intake of bad carbohydrates and sweets [highlight]without reducing the amount of nutrition[/highlight] that you should get from food. There is a prescribed menu of protein-rich foods, as well as certain vegetables and lots of fruit, which one should follow for the duration of the diet.

The best thing about this diet, and probably the reason why you should follow it, is that [highlight]it does not require you to starve yourself![/highlight] It encourages the intake of at least three low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, and high-protein meals a day.

The diet comes with more than [highlight]96 great tasting recipes[/highlight] so your dieting experience will not be a tasteless one at all!

What Are Others Saying?

[quote style=”boxed”]I am a huge fan of the Scarsdale Diet. I have tried it in the past and lost 50 lbs over the course of 3 months. I know it works and it is easy to follow. I definitely recommend this diet to anyone who has struggled in the past with weight loss. ~ Fatimah[/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]This diet is great! I lost 14 lbs the first week and a total of 73 lbs over a 5 month period. My weight did fluctuate a bit due to working out mildly while dieting. I recommend this diet to anyone serious about getting healthy. I know the menus and eating tips by heart and will never stray back to the old days. ~ Steven[/quote]

What it Can Do

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  • Know the Basic Rules of the Scarsdale Diet
  • Understand the critical success factors for losing weight rapidly
  • Includes the complete Scarsdale Diet meal plan PLUS 4 alternative plans
  • Includes 96 great tasting Gourmet Recipes
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the Scarsdale Diet
  • Compare the Scarsdale Diet to 8 other popular diets
  • Understand the fundamentals and principles of the Scarsdale Diet
  • Help you be successful at loosing up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks
  • Stay slim and cultivate healthy and good long term eating habits


Are You Ready

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No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

The Scarsdale Diet Companion has helped many people make informed decisions and achieve rapid weight loss. Still, we want to remove all risk to you which is why we offer a No Questions Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy, simply ask our helpful support team for a refund and we will be happy to oblige as quickly as we can.

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Scarsdale Diet Recipes

Limited Time Bonus Offer *

More than 300 Great Scarsdale Diet Recipes!

More than 300 great tasting low carb Scarsdale Diet recipes. These recipes are easy to follow and great healthy substitutes for some everyday favourites.

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  • Beef, lamb, pork, poultry and fish gourmet recipes
  • Marinades, sauces, salads and salad dressings
  • Desserts, cakes, cookies, candy and ice cream recipes
  • Great vegetable and vegetarian recipes
  • A variety of protein breads and other bread alternatives
  • Awesome burgers and fast food recipes
  • Much, much more – get ready to start cooking!


Price: $19.97 FREE!


[box type=”note” size=”large”]* This Free Bonus is Only Available For a Limited Time[/box]

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Right now, while we are early in the launch process, you can snatch a copy of The Scarsdale Diet Companion PLUS our limited bonus offer of 300 Low Carb Scarsdale Recipes (Value: $19.97) for only $24.95.

You can save almost 50% off by getting your copy early and purchase for only $24.95!

If you are serious about loosing weight rapidly and safely then this eBook is a must haveā€¦ Period!

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Get the Scarsdale Diet Companion eBook

A great eBook to help you lose weight and keep it off! Information that will make your dieting experience a lot easier, enjoyable and more successful. The eBook includes:

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  • Basic Rules of the Scarsdale Diet
  • Critical Factors for Losing Weight Rapidly
  • Complete Scarsdale Diet Meal Plan
  • 96 Great Tasting Scarsdale Recipes
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the Diet
  • Comparison to 8 other Popular Diets
  • How to Lose up to 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks
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